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SmartSoft Invoices Screenshots

Automated Invoice Processing

SmartSoft Invoices - Verify screen

Automate Invoice Processing

SmartSoft Invoices offers a very convenient interface that enables you to quickly and easily perform all necessary operations.

The Image View panel on the right displays a preview of the invoice you are currently processing, while the Form View panel on the left contains the fields that need to be filled with the invoice data. The list of all loaded invoices enables you to conveniently jump to another invoice at any time.

SmartSoft Invoices - Thumbnail View

Extract Data Fields from Invoices

The Form View panel contains the data that has been extracted from your invoices. You can see an enlarged preview of the invoice text area at the bottom of the Form View which enables you to easily see the information you are proofreading, in case it is not clear on the Image View panel on the right.

If you would like to add more invoice data, click Add new field and select the text region from the Image View panel on the right.

SmartSoft Invoices - Image View

Automatic Detection of Invoice Data Fields

When you load an invoice for processing, the application automatically recognizes all areas of the document that contain invoice data.

You can easily see all data boxes outlined in green color. Simply click on a data box when prompted to specify the text region for the various fields, such as Vendor, Invoice number, or Tax amount. You can also resize the text regions by clicking and dragging the green box.

SmartSoft Invoices - Thumbnail View

Process Multiple Invoices at Once

The left panel of the software displays a list of all invoices that have been loaded for processing. You can easily jump between invoices by using Page Up/Page Down or by clicking on them. The green checkmark at the bottom right corner of each invoice indicates that all data is properly recognized (a red exclamation mark shows that the invoice requires your attention).

Export all processed and proofread invoices by clicking on the Export button.


Step-by-step Guidance

SmartSoft Invoices is very easy to use. The application guides you every step of the process by providing simple and comprehensive tips. Extensive training is not required.


Scan Paper Invoices or Import PDFs

You can easily load invoices for processing with SmartSoft Invoices. Click Open to select images or PDFs that are stored on your hard drive. You can load many documents all at once and the software will automatically start processing them.

Click Scan to load invoices directly from a scanner connected to your computer.


Export Captured Invoice Data

You can export the captured data into your accounting software, ERP or document management system. Supports QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, generic XML or CSV

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