SmartSoft Invoices Features

Professional OCR for invoice processing

High recognition accuracy

SmartSoft Invoices delivers highly-reliable Smart OCR technology, tailored to the specifics of scanned paper invoice forms. It greatly speeds up your invoice processing and minimizes errors in accounts payable data.


User-friendly interface

SmartSoft Invoices does not require extensive training. Human involvement in the invoice recognition process is minimal, as the software learns to recognize your invoices.


Automatic detection of invoice fields

smartsoft Invoices automatically detects all invoice fields containing data, including company name, invoice number, date, item description, quantity, tax amount, etc.


Saves templates of recognized invoice types

Once Smartsoft Invoices has successfully recognized and processed an invoice, it saves a template of that layout for future use. This means that all invoices that have the same layout will be automatically recognized and processed, and all you have to do is verify the data.


Direct scanner connection

With SmartSoft invoices, you can recognize and process documents that are already stored as digital files, or directly import invoices from your scanner.


Extensive PDF support

SmartSoft Invoices supports PDF as both an input and output format. The application recognizes and converts both vector and scanned PDF invoices. You can export your documents to two different types of PDF: single-layer, text only (searchable and editable) and double-layer, text and image (appears as an image but is searchable).


Accounting / ERP system integration

With SmartSoft Invoices, you can transfer the data directly to your document management, accounting or ERP system. Alternatively you can export your invoices to different output formats, including PDF, CSV, IIF and more.



Knowledge base

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Didn't find what you were looking for? Please let us know.

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