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Smart PDF Editor Features

Everything you need to edit PDF documents

Edit PDF documents

Editing PDF documents is usually a very difficult task. With Smart PDF Editor, can very easily change not only the text but also the layout, fonts, and colors of PDFs. You are able to move, delete, and insert various objects in the document, such as images and tables. Simply open your PDF document in Smart PDF Editor, edit and save – it’s that easy!


Create PDF documents

Start Smart PDF Editor and create a PDF file. You can easily set the document colors and fonts, align, justify or center the text, insert images, textboxes, tables, bullet lists, and more.


Create secure PDF documents

Smart PDF Editor allows you to create highly-secure PDF files. You can encrypt your documents and set a password to prevent other users from copying, editing, printing and more. Different permission levels and passwords can be set for different users.


Ability to split, merge, insert and extract

With the Pro version of the software, you can split a document into multiple PDFs, or merge several documents into a single file. You can insert another PDF document into a given place inside your file, or extract a specified part of your document.


Create tables of contents and add internal links

Smart PDF Editor Pro allows you to create a table of contents in your PDF documents or add internal links /bookmarks/ inside a PDF. This allows for fast and easy access to the different parts of a large document.

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