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Simple and easy to use

SmartOCR SDK - add OCR capabilities to your applications with a few lines of code.

Create PDF Documents Easily

Creating PDF documents with Smart PDF Creator is easy. Simply add the file or files you wish to convert to PDF, select a destination folder, and click Convert.

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Convert PDF to Other Formats

With Smart PDF Creator Pro, you can convert PDF documents to other formats. Select the necessary files, choose your preferred output format and a destination folder, and click Convert.


MS Word Integration

Smart PDF Creator inserts a toolbar in Microsoft Word to enable you to convert your documents with a single click.


Windows Menu Integration

Smart PDF Creator integrates with Windows menus so that you can easily create a PDF from any printable document by simply right-clicking it and selecting Convert to PDF.


Windows Menu Integration – Pro Version

The Pro version enables you to easily convert a PDF document or open it directly in Microsoft Word. Just right-click the document and select the desired option.


Conversion Methods

When converting a PDF to Word Doc format, you can select between various conversion methods. Choose the Exact method if you would like to achieve a document that looks exactly like the original. Documents converted with the Flowing method are easier to edit. You can also choose to remove the images or leave the text unformatted.


Conversion to HTML

Smart PDF Creator offers various options when converting to HTML. You can choose to have each page of the PDF document converted to a separate HTML file or have a single HTML for all pages.


Conversion to Excel

When converting to the Excel format, you can choose to have a separate file for each PDF page or convert all pages into a single XLS. If the document contains multiple tables, you can select whether you would like to have them look exactly like in the original document, or slightly different in order to easily edit them.


Conversion to JPEG

The PDF to JPEG conversion allows you to adjust the quality of the output document. The better quality will result in a larger file, and vice versa.


Conversion to TIFF

When converting to TIFF, you can adjust the resolution, and select your preferred compression method.


Create PDF from any application

An alternative way to create PDF documents is to print them using the SmartSoft virtual printer. Open your document in its default application and go to the printing options. From the list of available printers, select SmartSoft PDF Printer and click Print.

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