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Smart PDF Creator Features

All-in-one solution for your PDF documents

Smart PDF Creator Features


Simple to use

Smart PDF Creator is very easy to use. You can simply right-click a document and select Convert to PDF.


Protect your documents with a password

With Smart PDF Creator, you can set a password for User and Owner. You can choose to allow or forbid other people from copying or editing the content of your files, fill out the forms, comment, sign, and print.


Encrypt PDF documents

You can easily encrypt PDF documents by selecting between low and high encryption levels (40-bit RC4 and 128-bit RC4).


Batch processing

Smart PDF Creator allows you to process many documents simultaneously. Simply add all files to the application and click Convert.


Microsoft Word toolbar

Smart PDF Creator adds a toolbar to your MS Word to allow you to convert files quickly and easily. Edit your documents within Word and then simply click Create PDF to convert the file to the PDF format. With Smart PDF Creator Pro, you can open PDFs in Word, edit them and save them as PDFs.


Windows menu integration

Smart PDF Creator enables you to easily convert any document to PDF format. Simply right-click a file in My Computer or Windows Explorer and then select Convert to PDF. With Smart PDF Creator Pro, you can right-click a PDF document and select Open PDF with MS Word or Convert PDF to an editable format.


Edit PDF documents

PDF is a very popular document format offering many advantages but it is often a great challenge to edit a PDF. This is very easy with Smart DPF Creator Pro. Simply click Open PDF in Microsoft Word or from the context menu in My Computer, edit the document and save as PDF.


Convert PDF to Microsoft Word DOC and other formats

With Smart PDF Creator Pro, you can convert PDF documents to Word, HTML, RTF, TXT, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG.


Creation of compressed PDF documents


Smart PDF Creator allows you to create compressed PDF documents with the Flate algorithm.


Creation of searchable PDF documents


Smart PDF Creator creates documents containing text information instead of simply the image of the page. This means that you can search for and extract text within the document.

Automatically open newly created PDF documents


Once a PDF document has been created, it can be opened with a single mouse click. You can also open the containing folder.

Configurable fonts embedding


One of the advantages of the PDF format is that it embeds the fonts. This is how other people are able to view the document in the same way even if the fonts that it uses are not installed on their computer. This, however, makes PDF documents larger. With Smart PDF Creator you can choose whether to embed the fonts in the PDF file. For instance, if you are using standard fonts that are typically installed on Windows, such as Arial or Times New Roman, or the file is for personal use only, you can choose not to embed the fonts and make the file smaller. To do this, click Start, Printers, and Faxes, and right-click SmartSoft PDF Printer. Then select Properties and click Additional. Open the PDF tab and select Do not embed any fonts.


Support for both 32 and 64-bit systems

Smart PDF Creator detects your operating system and automatically installs the proper components.


Configurable properties of PDF documents

Your PDF documents can have various properties that you can set – such as Title, Author, Subject, and Key Words. You can access these options from the Save as window.


Ability to create a different PDF document for every page

Click Start, select Printers and Faxes, and then right-click SmartSoft PDF Printer. Click Properties and then Additional. Select the PDF tab and check Separate PDF file for each printed page.


Determine the page layout

You can choose between the following options: Single Page, Continuous, Facing, and Continuous – Facing.


Determine the page mode

You can choose between the following options: Normal, Outlines, Thumbnails, and Full Screen


Specify the image compression

You can choose between Flate, JPEG, CCITT3, CCITT32d, and CCITT4


Specify the JPEG quality

If you choose the image compression to be JPEG, you can specify the JPEG quality to make the output file larger or smaller.

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