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SmartOCR Features

SmartOCR offers an impressive range of capabilities

Enhanced character recognition accuracy

SmartOCR™ technology offers you an increased recognition accuracy.


Improved Precision

SmartOCR™ technology can recognize even low-quality scanned images, fax documents, or screen shots.


Format Recognition

Smart OCR detects the format of the original document and retains it in the output file layout.


Convenient Built-in Spell Checker

Add any specific terms and words intrinsic to your work.


Wide range of output formats

Smart OCR converts your files into PDF, DOC, RTF, or HTML files.


OCR any source document

Smart OCR processes all your file types with ease. You can connect your scanner or digital camera to your computer, or convert an already scanned file or image.


Batch OCR conversion mode

Batch conversion allows you to process all your scanned documents at once. Simply feed them into the software and save time as Smart OCR converts them simultaneously.


Quick Tasks List

Save time and boost your performance. Smart OCR comes with a quick tasks lists to enhance your productivity. Quick tasks are scanning paper documents, OCR processing a PDF file, and editing an image on your hard drive.


Wide Range of Image file Formats Supported

Smart OCR supports all popular image file formats. Whether your scanned image is BMP, JPEG, TIFF, or even GIFF, it will be handled with the same precision.


Integrated Text-Editor

Smart OCR has a built-in text editor that lets you edit the document and make all desired changes before saving it in the output electronic format.


Manual processing mode

Specify manually which areas in the input image you want to process. Leave some areas unprocessed, or control which text regions or image zones you want the OCR to recognize.


Watched Folder Option

With Smart OCR you can simply convert files by dragging them to a specified “Watched folder”. Speed up the process by automatically processing files received from remote devices and locations.


Built-in Dictionary

The OCR software has an integrated custom dictionary facilitating the recognition process. Smart OCR Pro lets you make your custom dictionary with specific technical terms and names, or simply add the MS Word dictionary.

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