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Smart OCR

Invoice OCR Software

With Smart OCR you can easily convert scanned PDF documents, images, and scanned text into editable and searchable files.


  • Converts scanned images to editable and searchable text
  • Keeps the original layout and formatting
  • Text editor built into the application
  • Direct scanner connection
  • Extensive PDF support

Smart Invoice Recognition OCR

Smart OCR allows you to transform scanned PDFs, images, and text into editable, searchable files while retaining the original layout. The application includes a built-in text editor, direct scanner integration, and comprehensive PDF support.

Powerful and Easy to Use

SmartOCR delivers highly accurate optical character recognition technology to help you convert scanned paper documents and screenshots into fully editable and searchable digital files. The product offers a convenient interface that lets you perform conversion easily without any previous training.

Versatile Capabilities

SmartOCR recognizes low-quality documents, screenshots, and faxes, supporting formats like BMP, JPEG, and TIFF. Its built-in editor with spell-check streamlines error corrections, allows batch conversions, and offers outputs in DOC, RTF, and HTML.

Retains Format and Layout.

With the innovative OCR technology, you can create edit-ready digital documents, retaining the original layout and formatting of the scanned source documents. Text and paragraph formatting, headers, columns, images, and bullet lists, all remain identical to the source.

Extract text from images

Smart OCR offers a very intuitive user interface that enables the conversion of scanned documents into editable file formats in just a few clicks.
Simply select the scanned document you wish to convert, click Recognize to allow the software to recognize and extract the text from the images and click Save. You can save the recognized document as Word DOC, Excel XLS, searchable PDF, TXT and more.

SmartOCR offers an impressive range of capabilities

Enhanced character recognition accuracy

SmartOCR™ technology offers you an increased recognition accuracy.


Improved Precision

SmartOCR™ technology can recognize even low-quality scanned images, fax documents, or screen shots.


Format Recognition

Smart OCR detects the format of the original document and retains it in the output file layout.


Built-in Spell Checker & Dictionary

SmartOCR lets you make your custom dictionary with specific technical terms and names, or simply add the MS Word dictionary.


Wide range of output formats

Smart OCR converts your files into PDF, DOC, RTF, or HTML files.


OCR any source document

Smart OCR processes all your file types with ease. You can connect your scanner or digital camera to your computer, or convert an already scanned file or image.


Batch OCR conversion mode

Batch conversion allows you to process all your scanned documents at once. Simply feed them into the software and save time as Smart OCR converts them simultaneously.


Quick Tasks List

Save time and boost your performance. Smart OCR comes with a quick tasks lists to enhance your productivity. Quick tasks are scanning paper documents, OCR processing a PDF file, and editing an image on your hard drive.


Wide Range of Image file Formats Supported

Smart OCR supports all popular image file formats. Whether your scanned image is BMP, JPEG, TIFF, or even GIFF, it will be handled with the same precision.


Integrated Text-Editor

Smart OCR has a built-in text editor that lets you edit the document and make all desired changes before saving it in the output electronic format.


Manual processing mode

Specify manually which areas in the input image you want to process. Leave some areas unprocessed, or control which text regions or image zones you want the OCR to recognize.


Watched Folder Option

With Smart OCR you can simply convert files by dragging them to a specified “Watched folder”. Speed up the process by automatically processing files received from remote devices and locations.


Automate Invoice Processing Seamlessly

Discover the advanced capabilities of SmartSoft Invoices, where we’ve seamlessly integrated OCR technology to elevate your invoice management. Dive into a world where invoice OCR is no longer a standalone feature but an intrinsic part of our automated invoice processing software. From OCR invoice processing to precise invoice recognition OCR, our software streamlines every step of your invoicing journey. Curious about how it all works? Explore more about SmartSoft Invoices and understand the transformative power of our integrated OCR technology.

FAQ about OCR Invoice Recognition and Processing

Q. What does OCR mean?

OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition, a technology that makes it possible to convert text from scanned documents into editable digital files. When you simply scan a document, the resulting file is an image that most computer software does not recognize as text. This means that users are not able to edit and search through the text, alter its formatting, etc. This is especially inconvenient for office documents where the ability to search, index, and edit is essential.

This problem is solved with OCR. The documents are fed into a scanner and then processed with OCR software, thus converting them to electronic documents. Optical character recognition is not a simple technology – it applies complicated mathematical and topological algorithms. However, Smart OCR offers a very convenient and easy-to-use interface, so you can ripe the benefits of the technology without any hassle.

Q. How do I process a document with SmartOCR?

With Smart OCR, you can easily recognize and OCR a document, following these simple steps:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. To select an image for processing, click any of these buttons located in the upper left corner: Quick Tasks, Scan or Open. You can open an existing image file or one directly from your scanner.
  3. The chosen image will be loaded in the Image View. In case you need to have only specific areas of the document recognized, click Draw Text Area, Draw Image Area, or Draw Table Area and select the area for recognition. Otherwise, the software will automatically select the area with text for recognition.
  4. Click Recognize to have the application process the image.
  5. You will see the recognized text in the Text View. You can apply final corrections to the document before saving it.
  6. Click Save in the Image View. You can save the document as PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT or HTML.
Q. How can I convert paper documents to digital files that can be edited?

Start the application and click Scan. This will start a scan wizard that will lead you through the entire scanning process. After all pages have been recognized, click Recognize to have the software process the scanned images. The text will then open in the Text View so that you can make final corrections before saving it. Click Save in the Image View to save the document in the DOC, PDF, RTF, TXT or HTML format.

You do not need to have a scanner attached to your computer in order to convert paper documents to editable files. You can scan the paper documents on another machine and then convert the files with Smart OCR.

Q. What is the required resolution of the scanned documents?

One of the features that distinguishes Smart OCR from its competitors is the ability to recognize poor quality and low-resolution documents. You can use the application to convert faxed copies, screenshots, or documents that were copied many times. In most cases, 300 dpi will be a very good resolution in order to achieve optimum OCR results.


Q. Can I use Smart OCR to convert screenshots to editable text?

Yes. With Smart OCR, you can convert low-resolution images and even screenshots. You may have to manually specify the text region on the screenshot. Simply open the image file in the program and click Draw Text Area from the Image View tab. Specify the text for recognition and click Recognize.


Q. Can Smart OCR handle a PDF file that contains scanned images instead of text?

Yes. Smart OCR supports PDF as both input and output format. Scanned PDF documents can be converted to both searchable PDF and MS Word DOC files.


Q. Can Smart OCR convert many pages at once?

Yes. The application supports batch conversion. Simply open all your pages and click Recognize. Smart OCR will automatically recognize all documents.


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