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SmartSoft Invoice Scanning

Automated Invoice Scanning and Archiving

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SmartSoft Invoice Scanning specializes in scanning or importing invoices and archiving them by predefined criteria based on key fields, which are extracted from the invoice. With this product you can digitalize your paper invoices as well as organize electronic invoices, sort them by predefined criteria and store them in a way, which allows for easy search and access any time.


  • Scans from within the program
  • Imports electronic invoices
  • Extracts key fields
  • Classifies data based on selected criteria
  • Saves time
  • Reduces error rates
  • and more

Save time and physical storage space

Manual sorting and archiving of documents could be a slow and prone to human error process, which sometimes leads to time delays and affects bottom lines. SmartSoft Invoice Scanning avoids such hurdles and optimizes the way you handle and store invoices, thus freeing time for other important tasks.


The Process


1. Scanning and Importing Invoices

Whether you receive invoices as paper documents, fax, PDFs or image files, SmartSoft Invoices handles all of them. You can scan paper invoices directly to the software or import PDF and image files.


2. Data Capture

SSmartsoft Invoice Scanning reads two key fields from the document such as Vendor and Invoice Number, based on template recognition. Defining a new invoice template is easy – the software locates the text regions and identifies them. So, for each new invoice, coming from the same vendor from now on, the software extracts the data automatically.


3. Data Export

Once processed, invoice documents are saved as searchable PDF in a predefined output folder, sorted by the data extracted from the key fields.

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