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SmartSoft Invoice Scanning

Automated Invoice Scanning and Archiving

Invoice Scanning Software

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning specializes in scanning or importing invoices and archiving them by predefined criteria based on key fields, which are extracted from the invoice. With this product you can digitalize your paper invoices as well as organize electronic invoices, sort them by predefined criteria and store them in a way, which allows for easy search and access any time.


  • Scans from within the program
  • Imports electronic invoices
  • Extracts key fields
  • Classifies data based on selected criteria
  • Saves time
  • Reduces error rates
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Save time and physical storage space

Manual sorting and archiving of documents could be a slow and prone to human error process, which sometimes leads to time delays and affects bottom lines. SmartSoft Invoice Scanning avoids such hurdles and optimizes the way you handle and store invoices, thus freeing time for other important tasks.

Scanning Invoices with OCR Software - the Process

Scanning and Importing Invoices

Whether you receive invoices as paper documents, fax, PDFs or image files, SmartSoft Invoices handles all of them. You can scan paper invoices directly to the software or import PDF and image files.


Data Capture

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning reads two key fields from the document such as Vendor and Invoice Number, based on template recognition. Defining a new invoice template is easy – the software locates the text regions and identifies them. So, for each new invoice, coming from the same vendor from now on, the software extracts the data automatically.


Data Export

Once processed, invoice documents are saved as searchable PDF in a predefined output folder, sorted by the data extracted from the key fields.

Automate Invoice Scanning Process with OCR Technology

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning digitizes and archives invoices, extracting key fields for organization. It lets you transform paper invoices into digital, sort them by set criteria, and ensures easy search and access.

User-friendly interface

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning offers a simple and efficient interface, so you don’t have to undergo any training. Human involvement in the invoice recognition process is required just for verification purposes or to custom-tune the program settings.

Direct scanner connection

With SmartSoft Invoice Scanning, you can recognize and process documents that are already stored as digital files, or directly import invoices from your scanner.


Automatic detection of invoice fields

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning automatically detects two key fields containing Vendor name and Document number, based on which, invoice documents are sorted and archived.

Saves templates of recognized invoice types

Once Smartsoft Invoice Scanning has successfully recognized and processed an invoice, it saves a template of that layout for future use. This means that all invoices that have the same layout will be automatically recognized and processed in the future.

High recognition accuracy

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning delivers highly-reliable Smart OCR technology, tailored to the specifics of scanned paper invoice forms. It greatly speeds up your invoice processing and minimizes errors in accounts payable data.

Upgradeable to a full processing version

SmartSoft Invoice Scanning can be upgraded to a full processing version, which imports and processes multi-item invoices as well as exports in variable formats, including direct integration with your accounting system.

Fully Automate Your Invoice Processing

Don’t limit yourself to just invoice scanning. Step up and embrace the future with SmartSoft Invoices. Transitioning from basic scanning solutions to a comprehensive invoice automation software can transform your operations, saving you significant time and effort. Streamline your processes, reduce manual interventions, and witness unparalleled efficiency. If you’re currently just scanning, consider upgrading; there’s a whole world of automation waiting to revolutionize your invoicing experience.

Automate Invoice Processing

SmartSoft Invoices offers a very convenient interface that enables you to quickly and easily perform all necessary operations.

The Image View panel on the right displays a preview of the invoice you are currently processing, while the Form View panel on the left contains the fields that need to be filled with the invoice data. The list of all loaded invoices enables you to conveniently jump to another invoice at any time.

Invoice Scanning Solutions to Save Time

Extract Data Fields from Invoices

The Form View panel contains the data that has been extracted from your invoices. You can see an enlarged preview of the invoice text area at the bottom of the Form View which enables you to easily see the information you are proofreading, in case it is not clear on the Image View panel on the right. If you would like to add more invoice data, click Add new field and select the text region from the Image View panel on the right.


Automatic Detection of Invoice Data Fields

When you load an invoice for processing, the application automatically recognizes all areas of the document that contain invoice data. You can easily see all data boxes outlined in green color. Simply click on a data box when prompted to specify the text region for the various fields, such as Vendor, Invoice number, or Tax amount. You can also resize the text regions by clicking and dragging the green box.


Process Multiple Invoices at Once

The left panel of the software displays a list of all invoices that have been loaded for processing. You can easily jump between invoices by using Page Up/Page Down or by clicking on them. The green checkmark at the bottom right corner of each invoice indicates that all data is properly recognized (a red exclamation mark shows that the invoice requires your attention). Export all processed and proofread invoices by clicking on the Export button.


Step-by-step Guidance

SmartSoft Invoices is very easy to use. The application guides you every step of the process by providing simple and comprehensive tips. Extensive training is not required.


Scan Paper Invoices or Import PDFs

You can easily load invoices for processing with SmartSoft Invoices. Click Open to select images or PDFs that are stored on your hard drive. You can load many documents all at once and the software will automatically start processing them. Click Scan to load invoices directly from a scanner connected to your computer.


Export Captured Invoice Data

You can export the captured data into your accounting software, ERP or document management system. Supports QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, generic XML or CSV



FAQ about Automated Invoice Scanning

Q. How do I load invoices for processing?

There are two ways to load invoices:

  • Invoices stored on your computer as PDF or image files: click Open and select the invoices you would like to process. You can load multiple documents at the same time.
  • Click Scan to load invoices directly from your scanner. Make sure your scanner is connected to your computer and turned on.

Once you load the invoices, the software will start processing them automatically.

Q. How do I save a template of an invoice type?

Once you enter the first invoice, the software automatically saves a template and will recognize all other invoices of the same type.


Q. How do I load a saved template?

The application will automatically load the appropriate template and detect the specified regions for recognition. Simply open the invoices you would like to process and proofread the data that has been extracted.


Q. How do I process a new invoice template?

To recognize a new layout type, load the invoice and select the regions in the right panel corresponding to the data fields on the left panel. The software detects all text regions, simply click on the appropriate region that corresponds to the field on the left. If necessary, resize the region to minimize errors.


Q. Can I add additional text regions?

Use your mouse to draw the region containing the data you need to extract.


Q. A field is marked in red. What does that mean?

The red outline means that the data in the field is not correct. Please check the recognized data for errors.


Q. How do I export the recognized documents?

Click Export in the lower left corner of the application window, then select PDF format and you will be redirected to open the export folder. Additionally, you can export by going to the File menu, and clicking Export.