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SmartSoft Invoices

Automated Invoice Processing

Invoice Automation

SmartSoft Invoices automates invoice processing through precise document classification and data extraction for both scanned and PDF documents.


  • Automatically captures data from paper and PDF invoices
  • Automatically classifies documents
  • Supports structured, semi-structured and free text documents
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and processes
  • Customizable and extensible
  • Powerful API
  • Enterprise-grade: robust, scalable and secure
  • and more
invoice automation - video

Save money and time, reduce error rate

SmartSoft Invoices is a cutting-edge document reading solution, offering advanced capabilities in the realm of intelligent data capture and extraction. Utilizing artificial intelligence and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the software extracts information from a wide range of document types, such as invoices, forms, and contracts.

With its ease of setup and deployment, along with customizable workflows, SmartSoft Invoices enables businesses to significantly reduce manual data entry, improve accuracy, and streamline document management processes.

By seamlessly integrating with existing enterprise systems, this powerful solution enhances productivity across the organization.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) - the Process

IDP - the process

Extracts data from a variety of sources:

  • Scanner
  • Database
  • Monitored folders
  • Email
  • Web services

Document Classification. Trained on custom data sets for maximum accuracy.

Extracts key data fields, tables, checkmarks, barcodes and signatures. Validates the data based on custom rules.

Optional human validation for low-confidence data extraction, used to improve accuracy and learn.

Flexible export options to integrate into various workflows. Exports to databases, ERP systems, web services and custom file formats

Automate Invoice Processing and Save Time

Discover the power of SmartSoft Invoices – the efficient document reading solution. With easy deployment, customizable configuration, scalability, and enterprise-grade features, it’s the ideal way to automate your accounts payable process.

Quick Setup and On-The-Fly Learning

Designed for simplicity, SmartSoft Invoices requires no complex configuration and can be used right out of the box. As it learns on the fly, there is no need for extensive upfront configuration.
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Powerful Fine-Tuning

Offers powerful tools for fine-tuning to maximize capture rate and accuracy for any document type, making it possible to solve the most challenging document processing tasks.

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Intelligent Document Classification

Uses machine learning for accurate document classification. Custom training with your own documents ensures optimal performance in your unique document environment.

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Scalable - Built for Growth

Designed to handle massive volumes of documents SmartSoft Invoices offers a distributed infrastructure that can seamlessly expand to meet the growing needs of businesses, making it the ideal scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Flexible and extensible

Offers easy integration with existing systems and workflows, and can be customized to meet the unique needs of the business with custom plugins. Supports both on-premises and cloud deployments, providing flexibility for system integrators.

Enterprise-grade features

Featuring full auditability, centralized user management, advanced analytics, and end-to-end security, SmartSoft Invoices is designed to meet the most demanding requirements and ensure data integrity for enterprise users.

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Automate Invoice Processing

SmartSoft Invoices offers a convenient user interface that enables you to quickly and easily perform all necessary operations.

Every Feature you Need to Kickstart your Automated Document Processing


Reports and Analytics


Validation Rules

Email input

Table detection

Fixed forms


Database integration

Custom Plugins

Optical Mark Recognition

Security and Compliance

AD integration

Seamless Integration

Role based permissions


Plus so much more!

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