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Q. How do I load invoices for processing?

There are two ways to load invoices:

  • Invoices stored on your computer as PDF or image files: click Open and select the invoices you would like to process. You can load multiple documents at the same time.
  • Click Scan to load invoices directly from your scanner. Make sure your scanner is connected to your computer and turned on.

Once you load the invoices, the software will start processing them automatically.

Q. How do I save a template of an invoice type?

Once you enter the first invoice, the software automatically saves a template and will recognize all other invoices of the same type.

Q. How do I load a saved template?

The application will automatically load the appropriate template and detect the specified regions for recognition. Simply open the invoices you would like to process and proofread the data that has been extracted.

Q. How do I process an invoice?

To recognize a new layout type, load the invoice and select the regions in the right panel corresponding to the data fields on the left panel. The software detects all text regions, simply click on the appropriate region that corresponds to the field on the left. If necessary, resize the region to minimize errors.

Q. Can I add additional text regions?

Use your mouse to draw the region containing the data you need to extract.

Q. Some fields are marked in red. What does that mean?

The red outline means that the data in the field is not correct. Please check the recognized data for errors.

Q. How do I export the recognized documents?

Click Export in the lower left corner of the application window, select your preferred output format and a destination folder, and click Save. Additionally, you can export by going to the File menu, and clicking Export.

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