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SmartSoft Invoices Now Recognizes Data Field Locations


SmartSoft Invoices Now Recognizes Data Field Locations

The Software Delivers Intelligent Data Capture Capabilities

2012, December 29 – SmartSoft, the leading provider of innovative optical character recognition (OCR), document capture and conversion software solutions, announces that its product SmartSoft Invoices has been enhanced with Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) capabilities. As a result, the solution automatically detects the locations of the data fields on the invoices.

SmartSoft Invoices is a professional desktop application for automated invoice processing. The solution is specifically designed to address the needs of the accounts payable department and enables users to automate various operations associated with invoice processing, such as scanning, data entry, validation, and classification. SmartSoft Invoices integrates with the organization’s ERP or accounting system to automatically enter invoice data into the database, match invoices against purchase orders, and validate vendors, item categories and more. The solution enables organization to realize significant savings, speed up their invoice processing and maximize their workflow efficiency.

The product is based on the company’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, also at the core at the renowned SmartOCR application, delivering outstanding accuracy and excellent layout recreation capabilities. SmartSoft Invoices has now been additionally enhanced with IDC technology to automatically detect the location of the data fields on the scanned invoices. This greatly reduces the time required for data entry and minimizes the need for manual intervention.

“Invoice automation applications purely based on templates are a thing of the past,” commented Nedelcho Georgiev, CEO of SmartSoft. “They are not capable of fully automating the process in cases where the company has to deal with a wide variety of different invoice types. We have developed advanced IDC technology which accurately detects the invoice layout, recognizes the location of the data on the page, and automatically extracts the information. This not only speeds up the process and improves the error rate, but even further reduces the need of manual operator input, which subsequently means lower costs for the company.”

About SmartSoft

SmartSoft is one of the world’s leading developers of optical character recognition (OCR) and document management technologies. The company specializes mainly in PDF conversion and creation, OCR and invoice processing solutions with millions of users worldwide. Its products, popular for their simple and user-orientated design, have been used by individuals and organizations in more than 150 countries. SmartSoft clients include Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Inc., J.P. Morgan, Fedex Express Corp, Honda Motor Co, General Motors, and many others. Visit SmartSoft at www.smart-soft.net.