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E-Invoice PDF Printer

SmartSoft offers Smart E-Invoice PDF Printer – a free solution to get your invoice document ready to send


SmartSoft offers Smart E-Invoice PDF Printer – a free solution to get your invoice document ready to send

2014, Nov 07 – SmartSoft, a leading OCR software developer introduces a free application for creating ready-to-email PDF invoices from text documents. Being in the image capture and automated document processing business, we recognize the need of changing formats and transferring documents from one place to another securely and with ease. One of the road bumps of seamless invoice processing is sending or receiving paper invoices. You can avoid that process by converting your invoices to image files at the moment of creation.

Getting started with Smart E-Invoice PDF Printer is simple. You can create electronic invoices using any program, print them virtually to the Smart E-Invoice PDF Printer and get them ready-to-email along with any other attachment to your partners or clients. All you need is to install the program on your computer and the rest is almost done by itself.

Smart E-Invoice PDF Printer is easy to use. When you have opened your invoicing program, chose the print option and select Smart E-Invoice PDF Printer as your printer. Your invoice will automatically convert to a vector PDF and attach to a blank email. You then have to fill the recipient email and send it. It’s that simple!

Cost savings, better cash flow and visibility are amongst the benefits of using Smart E-Invoice PDF Printer. By not printing your invoices, you save office and postal expenses, as well as time, since your invoices reach their recipient straight away. This results in faster response or payment from your clients.

About SmartSoft

SmartSoft is a leading developer of optical character recognition (OCR) software, specializing in invoice automation and PDF management products. Thanks to their simple and user-orientated design, SmartSoft products have been appreciated by individuals and organizations in more than 150 countries and in corporations such as Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Inc., J.P. Morgan, FedEx Corp, Honda Motor Co, General Motors, and many others.