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SmartSoft releases a remote invoice scanning application


SmartSoft releases a remote invoice scanning application

Scanned documents can be sent to one location using remote scanner and client applications

2014, February 10 – SmartSoft, a leading developer of innovative optical character recognition (OCR) software now launches a special application for distant scanning to its invoice processing solution SmartSoft Invoices.

The new module to SmartSoft Invoices – Remote Scanner allows users to scan paper invoices at multiple locations and upload the files on a server, from where an authorized user can pull the files using a client application. After that the files can be processed using the main software. The intent behind such solution is to address the issue of business scalability. In many businesses invoices are delivered at multiple outlets or branches, from where they get collected and posted to one main location for processing. In that course, documents sometimes get delayed or misplaced, which in result affects the Account Payable timelines. Scanning paper invoices at the point of delivery prevents such possibility of loss or delay. Another challenge this product answers is granting access to the main software to just one appointed user, who can access and process the documents from the server. Furthermore, the server location, where documents are stored, is a subject to choice i.e. it could be one of SmartSoft’s powerful online servers or a client’s server in view of data confidentiality.

SmartSoft Invoices is a full enterprise invoice processing software program, designed for the needs of the accounts payable department. It automates the operations of scanning, data entry, validation and classification. The program offers flexible output formats such as CSV, searchable PDF and XML, as well as direct export to certain ERP, such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, or an accounting system such as QuickBooks.

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SmartSoft is a leading developer of optical character recognition (OCR) software, specializing in invoice automation and PDF management products. Thanks to their simple and user-orientated design, SmartSoft products have been appreciated by individuals and organizations in more than 150 countries and in corporations such as Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Inc., J.P. Morgan, FedEx Corp, Honda Motor Co, General Motors, and many others. Visit SmartSoft at www.smart-soft.net. Smart Software for Smart People.