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Smartsoft’s affiliate program encourages you to promote our products to visitors on your site as well as any other marketing channels that are available to you, in exchange for commissions.

Powered by the industry leader Plimus, providing full transaction tracking, instant notification, and detailed online reports updated in real-time, you can assess the effectiveness of your promoting effort.

All kinds of marketing campaigns such as banner ads, text links, newsletters, and blog postings are welcome.

How do we track the transactions?

We generate unique affiliate links that contain your affiliate ID. When a customer visits your link a cookie is added to their computer. When the customer later purchases the product you get the credit.

You can promote both order and download links. With download links, the customers get the opportunity to download and freely try our products. This is the recommended approach as customers normally expect to see the software in action before purchasing. Then when they decide to buy later you still are credited for the purchase.

We provide you with marketing materials such as banners and buttons to assist your marketing effort.

You can even make the order page look like your website to streamline visitors’ experience.

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