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Unlock Boundless Opportunities with Our Partnerships

Dive into the world of collaboration with SmartSoft, a leader in intelligent document processing and OCR solutions. Whether you’re a reseller eyeing global expansion, a system integrator seeking diversified offerings, a hardware OEM aiming for tailored solutions, an affiliate pursuing growth, a Value Added Reseller striving for efficiency, or an Independent Software Vendor aspiring for a broader market reach – we are here to empower you. Join hands with SmartSoft and tap into our extensive resources, expertise, and support, carving a path to mutual success. Learn more about our partnership avenues and thrive together with us.

OCR Solutions by Business Need


Enhance your offering range with high quality products that deliver great value and fulfill your customers’ needs. Increase your revenue by joining our beneficial reseller program. We are constantly on the lookout of expanding our network of resellers in every part of the globe.

SmartSoft understands the importance of providing all our channel partners with the tools they need to be successful.

To support our partners in their sales and marketing efforts, we provide product discounts, dedicated assistance and marketing support materials. As a SmartSoft reseller partner, you have access to high-quality product images, box-shots, product information and training materials.

How does it Work?

Single or Multi-User Licensing

You can purchase one or more licenses on behalf of your individual clients, at a discounted price. You can buy from us as many licenses as you need at any time. You then bill your clients directly. We offer attractive bonuses for large-scale resellers.

To become a retail or distribution partner, please apply now or contact us at resellers@smart-soft.net

System Integrators

You can rely on SmartSoft’s robust OCR, document creation and PDF technologies to deliver unique solutions that solve various technological challenges. Diversify your portfolio by enhancing your existing offerings and developing new ones. We offer extensive and rapid support and assist you with our high expertise and full resources all along the way.

Discover what’s possible when you combine your industry expertise with the proven capabilities of our OCR technology.

Our Partner Program for System Integrators focuses on helping you deliver efficient and flexible solutions to your clients.

When you join the SmartSoft Partner Program for System Integrators, we partner with you every step of the way. We collaborate with you to develop and test enterprise solutions designed for your clients. We work with you to address any issues you might have during the development process. We offer you the flexibility you need by providing customizations to the OCR technology.

Support That Makes a Difference

We support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your solution until long after a client implementation is complete or your new solution has gone to market.

SmartSoft experts are available to assist you in creating OCR solutions that best meet your clients’ needs and to accelerate your time to market. We provide your developers with the knowledge they need to leverage SmartSoft OCR solutions for your projects. And you’ll have direct access to SmartSoft Services for the support you need when you need it.

Hardware OEMs

As an original equipment manufacturer, you can contract to bundle and even rebrand SmartSoft software. In addition to our standard product line, we offer fully-customizable solutions that meet the unique needs of your products.

OEMs license SmartSoft technologies and integrate them into their products or services.

SmartSoft provides customized software solutions for a variety of industry segments, including manufacturers of scanners, PC, mobile devices, camera-equipped devices and others. Empowered by our software your customers will be able to take the most out of your products and improve their general experience.

SmartSoft offers OEM program with benefits including significant discounts, technical support and training. A wide range of rebranding options is available.


Join the large family of SmartSoft affiliates and earn referral commissions. Add value to your website or application by providing high-quality solutions and increase your revenues. We provide administration tools that will allow you to monitor and manage your contribution.

Smartsoft’s affiliate program encourages you to promote our products to visitors on your site as well as any other marketing channels that are available to you, in exchange for commissions.

Powered by the industry leader Plimus, providing full transaction tracking, instant notification, and detailed online reports updated in real-time, you can assess the effectiveness of your promoting effort.

All kinds of marketing campaigns such as banner ads, text links, newsletters, and blog postings are welcome.

How do we track the transactions?

We generate unique affiliate links that contain your affiliate ID. When a customer visits your link a cookie is added to their computer. When the customer later purchases the product you get the credit.

You can promote both order and download links. With download links, the customers get the opportunity to download and freely try our products. This is the recommended approach as customers normally expect to see the software in action before purchasing. Then when they decide to buy later you still are credited for the purchase.

We provide you with marketing materials such as banners and buttons to assist your marketing effort.

You can even make the order page look like your website to streamline visitors’ experience.

Value Added Resellers

The SmartSoft VAR program provides many opportunities for partners who would like to provide value-added solutions and deliver greater efficiency. We offer a variety of resources to help you achieve the desired goal and increase your profit margin.

Integrating SmartSoft solutions with your existing systems is a quick and affordable way to add OCR capabilities that will distinguish you from the competition. We provide OCR, content extraction, scanning, document conversion and creation of searchable documents.

We know that as a Value Added Reseller you need to satisfy the specific needs of your customers. We have a long history of collaborating with VARs and understanding their needs. With those needs in mind, we have designed our software to be scalable, and extensible. Using our solutions VARs can reduce cost, reduce time-to-release and reduce maintenance effort while at the same time providing richer functionality to their clients resulting in increased profit.

What sets SmartSoft apart from the other OCR solution providers is that we understand that your needs are unique and offer any customizations that are needed to fit your specific scenario and to satisfy your customers. We provide support and updates through the life cycle of your product.

As a value-added reseller, you will get special conditions, and quality discounts will be able to test the solutions and you will receive all the personal technical assistance needed.

Independent Software Vendors

By participating in our ISV program, you will benefit from technical resources and sales support that will speed up your way to the market and help you reach a wider audience. Team up with the experts to become a profitable OCR solutions provider with minimal expenses.

ISVs qualify for additional discounts. If you are using just some part of our technology and based on what part of your application is dependent on our technology we can provide additional discounts.