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SmartSoft Invoices features training data synchronization among users

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SmartSoft Invoices features training data synchronization among users

2014, January 31 - SmartSoft, a leading OCR software developer and creator of SmartSoft Invoices - automated invoice processing program - now features data synchronization among multiple users of the program.

The self-teaching aspect of SmartSoft Invoices software has always been of top importance to the SmartSoft developers. It is expressed in users doing occasional manual corrections or manually selecting certain options from drop-down menus, which the program memorizes. The program also learns templates from the same vendor as well as correlation between different fields, so that it automatically picks value for a field based on another field's value. All this training data can be shared amongst users of the same office network, automatically, at no extra cost or with no special training to the program users. Shared data synchronization is a feature of great value for businesses with multiple users of SmartSoft Invoices as it saves effort, time and resources from doing it manually.

SmartSoft Invoices is a program for automated scanning and processing of invoices, specifically designed to serve the needs of the accounts payable department. The program offers flexible output formats such as CSV, searchable PDF and XML, as well as direct export to certain ERP, such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, or an accounting system such as QuickBooks.

About SmartSoft

SmartSoft is consistently creating optical character recognition (OCR) software, with focus on invoice automation and PDF management products. Individuals and organizations alike have enjoyed using SmartSoft products, popular for their simple and user-orientated design. Some of SmartSoft users include Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Inc., J.P. Morgan, FedEx Corp, Honda Motor Co, General Motors, and many others. Visit SmartSoft at Smart Software for Smart people.