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Aug 25, 2019     “СМАРТ СОФТ” ООД сключи административен договор № BG16RFOP002-2.089-1674-C01
May 31, 2021     Smart Soft Ltd. announces a corporate spin-off of the healthcare division into a new company - Smart Soft Healthcare
Feb 12, 2021     Smart Soft Ltd. is pleased to announce the CE mark certification of CoLumbo


Dec 15, 2020     Smart Soft Ltd. is pleased to share the final results from the multi-center clinical trials for CoLumbo
Dec 13, 2020     Smart Soft Ltd. announces the addition of Douglas Beall M.D. in its Medical Advisory Board working on CoLumbo project
Nov 27, 2020     Съобщение
Oct 2, 2020     Project BG16RFOP002-2.073-21006-C01
Sept 28, 2020     Smart Soft Ltd. is pleased to share the results from the interim report of multi-center clinical trials for CoLumbo
May 25, 2020     СМАРТ СОФТ приключи успешно изпълнението на проект BG16RFOP002-1.005-0020-C01
May 18, 2020     Smart Soft Ltd. has scheduled the start of the clinical evaluation of CoLumbo
April 23, 2020     Lawrence Tanenbaum M.D. FACR as a Medical Advisory Board Lead
Jan 27, 2020     Smart Soft Ltd has received ISO 13485 certification under KIWA


Aug 20, 2019     „Смарт Софт“ ООД спечели финансиране за интернационализиране на CoLumbo
Aug 1, 2019     „Смарт Софт“ ООД спечели финансиране за иновативния си продукт CoLumbo


Oct 8, 2018     “СМАРТ СОФТ ООД”, като бенефициент по Договор № BG16RFOP002-1.005-0020 – С01, публикува процедура за избор на изпълнител
Sep 14, 2018     “СМАРТ СОФТ” ООД като бенефициент по Договор № BG16RFOP002-1.005-0020–С01 публикува процедура за избор на изпълнител с Публична покана с предмет: „Външни услуги за научни изследвания, необходими за разработването на продуктовата иновация“
July 1, 2018     “СМАРТ СОФТ” ООД сключи договор за предоставяне на безвъзмездна финансова помощ по процедура: BG16RFOP002-1.005


April 28, 2017 Using Convolutional Neural Networks to find similar images among millions of photos


January 05, 2015 SmartSoft partners with XAPT Solutions to expand Microsoft Dynamics Integration


December 8, 2014 SmartSoft offers Smart E-Invoice PDF Printer - a free solution to get your invoices ready to send.
August 4, 2014 10 tips for faster automated invoice processing with SmartSoft Invoices.
June 25, 2014 SmartSoft Invoices pulls out cool new features.
March 7, 2014 SmartSoft releases Invoice Scanning - free software to scan, sort and archive invoices.
March 3, 2014 SmartSoft Invoices now supports multi-page invoices
February 18, 2014 SmartSoft Invoices now lets you customize the data fields to be extracted
February 10, 2014 SmartSoft releases a remote invoice scanning solution
January 31, 2014 SmartSoft Invoices features training data synchronization among multiple users
January 14, 2014 SmartSoft Invoices integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX


December 13, 2013 SmartSoft Invoices integrates with SAP
October 15, 2013 SmartSoft Invoices offers processing in the cloud
August 19, 2013 SmartSoft Invoices now recognizes item tables
July 25, 2013 SmartSoft Invoices offers full or partial integration of its functionality
February 11, 2013 SmartSoft Invoices Now Recognizes Data Field Locations
January 23, 2013 Old Maple Learning Center Automates Test Scoring with OCR Technology from SmartSoft


December 29, 2012 SmartSoft Introduces SmartSoft Invoices for Automated Invoice Processing
November 03, 2012 Integrated Imaging Systems Uses SmartSoft’s Technology to OCR-enable Imaging Solutions
August 27, 2012 SmartSoft Announces an Enhanced Version of Smart PDF Tools
July 21, 2012 Alcoa Automates a Production Process with a Solution from SmartSoft
July 02, 2012 SmartSoft Announces a New Version of Smart PDF Editor
May 07, 2012 SmartSoft Releases a Major New Version of Smart PDF Creator
April 18, 2012 SmartSoft Has Announced a Major Update in Smart PDF Converter
March 30, 2012 Smart OCR SDK Now Delivers Invoice Recognition
January 30, 2012 SmartSoft Announces Smart OCR SDK
January 23, 2012 Smart PDF Creator Pro Delivers Optical Character Recognition Capabilities


December 13, 2011 SmartSoft Has Announced a Major Update in Smart OCR
December 06, 2011 Free Online OCR Is Now Faster and More Accurate
November 16, 2011 SmartSoft Announces a New Version of SmartOCR
September 08, 2011 SmartSoft Introduces a New Version of Smart PDF Editor Pro
July 21, 2011 SmartOCR Has Been Enhanced with New Capabilities
July 05, 2011 SmartSoft Has Introduced PDF Watermarks
June 09, 2011 SmartSoft Announces PDF Stamps
May 30, 2011 SmartSoft Launches PDF Bookmarks


June 04, 2010 SmartSoft Launches Free Online OCR Service
January 12, 2010 SmartSoft Launches Online PDF Conversion Service