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SmartSoft provides innovative software to let companies and individuals streamline the way they work with documents. Effective solutions for data capture, process automation, image recognition, document classification, conversion and management.

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SmartSoft Invoices

Automate the process of invoice scanning and data extraction.

SmartSoft Invoices automates the process of invoice scanning, invoice data extraction and classification. It provides recognition of data on scanned paper or PDF invoices, followed by validation, sorting and archiving to speed up the accounts payable process.

For Partners


Integrate Data Capture to Your Solutions

We specialize in providing Data Capture / AP Automation technology to technological partners.

Automated Invoice Processing

Extracts key data fields from paper and electronic invoices. Integrated with major ERP systems.

SmartCapture SDK

Use our data capture software library to include document reading abilities in your application.

Form Processing

Scans forms, automatically extracts field data and stores the results in a database to search and index.

Value Added Resellers

Expand your market by adding a data capture solution to your offerings.

Document Classification

SmartSoft’s classification engine automatically identifies the type of the documents and sorts them into separate classes for further processing.

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Easy As 1…2…3…

Manual accounts payable processing can costs up to $10 per invoice and this cost can rise alarmingly due to errors. SmartSoft Invoices minimizes these costs and significantly reduces the time associated with manual invoice processing. Freeing your employees for other important tasks will maximize your efficiency, minimize error rate and improve workflows.


Knowledge Base

SmartSoft Invoices is both powerful and flexible. Check out our knowledge base to find a solution for most document reading problems. Or contact us

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